2. Investigation of RaTG13 and the 7896 Clade

Ignore the Doctored WHO “Joint Report” Read what they forgot to investigate! https://researchgate.net/publication/350515493_INVESTIGATION_OF_RaTG13_AND_THE_7896_CLADE… which builds on the groundbreaking work by @franciscodeasis @MonaRahalkar @BahulikarRahul @Daoyu15 @interne41914499 @TheSeeker268 and many anonymous investigators

Controversies in Annexe D7 of the WHO report

1. The  WHO joint team report assumes that all the research was done in P3 and P4 probably because of their presence! On the contrary, Zhengli Shi, the principal scientist of the coronavirus research in WIV said that they did all the coronavirus research in P2 and P3 labs (Science, July 2020 Q and A)Continue reading “Controversies in Annexe D7 of the WHO report”

Response to China-WHO Report

Open Letter to the World Health Organization and the Members of its Executive Board (April 30 2021) Open Letter: Calls for Further Inquiries Into Coronavirus Origins SARS-CoV-2: WHO-China report dismisses lab-origin hypothesis as being ‘extremely unlikely’ – By Annette Gartland @netpoette Twitter Thread by Jamie Metzl @JamieMetzl Open letter and video from Dr Steven QuayContinue reading “Response to China-WHO Report”

#DRASTIC: otro equipo a la caza del origen del Covid (#DRASTIC: another team on the hunt for the origin of Covid)

Opinion piece in El Imparcial Descubrir el origen de la pandemia es donde han puesto el ojo, dominar la Ciencia de Datos su principal activo, y la red social Twitter su plataforma de comunicación urbi et orbi. Son los chicos de DRASTIC, el pequeño grupo internacional que ha sacado a luz papeles cruciales para rastrear elContinue reading “#DRASTIC: otro equipo a la caza del origen del Covid (#DRASTIC: another team on the hunt for the origin of Covid)”

OPEN LETTER: Call for a Full and Unrestricted International Forensic Investigation into the Origins of COVID-19

IntroductionFinding the origins of SARS-CoV-2 is critically important to both better addressing the current pandemic and reducing the risks of future ones. Unfortunately, well over a year after the initial outbreak the origins of the pandemic remain unknown.

Critique to the Addendum (Zhou et al 2020) and other contradictions in reporting the facts about RaTG13 and its history


Is there any correlation between lethal pneumonia cases in miners in 2012– TongGuan mine, Mojiang, China, RaTG13, and present Covid-19?


VIDEO. Covid-19 : enquête sur le mystère des origines d’une pandémie mondiale

D’où vient le virus qui bouleverse la planète ? Pour une majorité de scientifiques, il viendrait de Chine. Pour les autorités chinoises au contraire, il vient d’ailleurs. Qui dit vrai ? Une enquête d”Envoyé spécial”. https://www.francetvinfo.fr/sante/maladie/coronavirus/video-coronavirus-le-mystere-des-origines_4328629.html