Your safety is our main concern. Fortunately there are ways for you to stay safe while being able to contact us in absolute confidentiality and with your anonymity fully preserved.

Please follow these instructions to contact us.

1. Establishing Contact

When establishing contact you may just want to say hello in a short email, mention that you may want to share something and wait for us to answer first to that we may make sure that you are properly set up before moving on.

To be safe, please create your own Proton e-mail address at protonmail.com. Once you have your proton email address, please use the Proton Mail web interface to send us an email to drasticgroup@protonmail.com.

The key is to use Proton Mail on your side too so that all the email communications are fully done within Proton. Do not send us an email from your usual email address.

Why Proton Mail? Because it is fully hosted in Switzerland and uses encryption at all steps.
Just remember: do not save your Proton Mail password in your browser.

2. Exchanging Actively

Once you established contact and we have replied, we may first check your setup (operating system, antiviral) before we can move to regular detailed communications.

We can keep doing so via Proton mail, or we can use some messenger services, such as Signal or Olvid, for a more interactive experience.

– Signal (signal.org ) is generally considered safe but requires a telephone number.
– For an even safer environment we can use Olvid (olvid.io/en/). No number required, no centralized server. Extremely safe (and designed in Europe), but takes a bit more time to establish a connection the first time around.

3. Sharing Documents

When it comes to sharing documents, we will also have safe solutions that we will discuss at the time.
We may also advise you to use a VPN and point you to a good one.

Your safety and requirements come first

Again your safety and confidentiality is our most important concern.
It is important to establish contact first, take it one step at a time, understand your requirements and make sure that everything is fine.

The Drastic Team.

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