2. Investigation of RaTG13 and the 7896 Clade

Ignore the Doctored WHO “Joint Report” Read what they forgot to investigate! https://researchgate.net/publication/350515493_INVESTIGATION_OF_RaTG13_AND_THE_7896_CLADE… which builds on the groundbreaking work by @franciscodeasis @MonaRahalkar @BahulikarRahul @Daoyu15 @interne41914499 @TheSeeker268 and many anonymous investigators

Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co

This paper intends to describe the research platform at the Zhengdian Gold Industrial Park in Wuhan, with a particular focus on the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, a vaccine development and production centre which is situated next door to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. This document is structured as a collection of notes that areContinue reading “Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co”

1. Proposed Forensic Investigation of Wuhan Laboratories

Still waiting for the “Doctored” WHO report? Read a real report instead! What the Monkey Saw in Wuhan (Part 1) https://zenodo.org/record/4640384 and https://researchgate.net/publication/350409839_1_PROPOSED_FORENSIC_INVESTIGATION_OF_WUHAN_LABORATORIES…