This document lists 53 key breakthroughs, research publications and achievements of DRASTIC and its members since early 2020. It also lists newspaper articles, documentaries and books about DRASTIC. Theres is some information on working groups and how we communicate. Finally, the genesis of DRASTIC is explained.

Laboratory Hypothesis Leak Overview Guest Post by Andrew Tuntable, Ph. D. atuntable@gmail.com @atuntable DRASTIC and other groups have uncovered substantial evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic was caused by the leak of the virus from a laboratory in Wuhan.  This evidence together with many references is described in this paper: SARS-COV-2 Laboratory Leak Hypothesis In summary,Continue reading

SARS-COV-2 Laboratory Leak Hypothesis Guest Post by Andrew Tuntable, Ph. D. Email: atuntable@gmail.com Twitter: @atuntable SARS-COV-2 Laboratory Leak Hypothesis The Lab Leak Hypothesis The Importance of the Hypothesis Beyond Reasonable Doubt Summary of the Evidence Geography Natural precursors Laboratory Leaks Chimera Furin Cleavage Site 2013 Sick Bat Guano Miners Database Removal and Obfuscation Sick WIVContinue reading

New Analysis of DEFUSE Proposal

Analysis of the DARPA DEFUSE Proposal by Professor Simon Wain-Hobson Annotated Version of the DARPA DEFUSE Proposal by Professor Simon Wain-Hobson Professor Simon Wain-Hobson kindly provides us with his personal analysis of the DARPA DEFUSE leaked documents, as well as an annotated version of the main proposal document, highlighting significant issues. Simon Wain-Hobson is aContinue reading “New Analysis of DEFUSE Proposal”

DRASTIC Analysis of the DEFUSE Documents

Exposed! How EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology Collaborated on a Dangerous Bat Coronavirus Project “The DARPA DEFUSE Project” Note: The original leaked documents are available there: https://drasticresearch.org/2021/09/21/the-defuse-project-documents/ The DRASTIC analysis follows below: DRASTIC was recently made aware of documents provided by a whistleblower, which show that EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) in concert wIthContinue reading “DRASTIC Analysis of the DEFUSE Documents”