Los detectives de internet que han sembrado dudas sobre el origen de la pandemia

Un grupo multidisciplinar organizado de forma espontánea en Twitter lleva un año investigando el trabajo del Instituto de Virología de Wuhan. Sus hallazgos han dado nuevas pistas sobre el inicio de la covid

The Apocryphal Origin of SARS-CoV-2

Charles Rixey @CharlesRixey

It’s been argued that the source of SARS-CoV-2 is ‘proximal’
But the zoonosis emergence hypothesis is hardly optimal
To whit, the phylogenetic evidence is bluntly paradoxical
A lab origin is causa sine qua non; wholly tautological
Ipso facto, a ‘proximal’ zoonosis is [in truth] mythological
Daszak’s ‘evidence’ is much like his ‘scientific consensus:’ apocryphal

We’re told that the truth of zoonosis is self-evident
I just didn’t realize stupidity was so prevalent
Perhaps your teabagging of the West wouldn’t seem so ridiculous
If your conflicts of interest weren’t obscenely conspicuous
Perhaps the debate wouldn’t be so tempestuous
If your support for China was less incestuous

The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Throughout 2020, the notion that the novel coronavirus leaked from a lab was off-limits. Those who dared to push for transparency say toxic politics and hidden agendas kept us in the dark.

JUNE 3, 2021

Exclusive: How Amateur Sleuths Broke the Wuhan Lab Story and Embarrassed the Media

Newsweek Article BY ROWAN JACOBSEN ON 6/2/21 AT 2:23 PM EDT

Illustrations of the amount of “coincidences” that definitely point to a lab scenario

Following on @CNN‘s poor coverage of the debate around COVID-19’s origins, @npwcnn also fails to do justice to the amount of “coincidences” that definitely point to a lab scenario. Illustrated thread.